The world’s oldest cinema is still in operation!


The Eden Theatre in La Ciotat, France, is indeed recognized by Guinness World Records as the oldest purpose-built cinema in operation. It was opened on June 21, 1889, by the Lumière brothers, who were pioneers in the field of cinematography. The Eden Theatre played a significant role in the early days of cinema, as it was one of the first places where the Lumière brothers screened their short films to the public.

The theater is still in operation today, making it a remarkable testament to the longevity and enduring appeal of cinema. It continues to screen a variety of films, including classic movies, independent films, and documentaries. The Eden Theatre also hosts film festivals and other cultural events throughout the year, attracting both locals and tourists. It is a fascinating landmark that holds great historical value in the world of cinema.

Cinemas make profit from popcorn not the movie ticket!

It is a common belief that cinemas make a significant portion of their profit from the sale of snacks, including popcorn, rather than solely relying on ticket sales. Concessions such as popcorn, beverages, and candy tend to have a higher profit margin compared to movie tickets.

The end of film era

Digital cinema refers to the use of digital technology in the production, distribution, and exhibition of movies. In traditional cinema, movies were shot on physical film reels and projected using film projectors. However, with digital cinema, movies are recorded and stored in digital formats, allowing for easier editing, manipulation, and distribution.

We can say that film projection has been totally replaced by digital projection when the majority of movie theaters worldwide have transitioned to using digital projectors instead of traditional film projectors. This transition has been happening gradually over the years since 2007, with many theaters now exclusively using digital projection

Projection and sound system in cinema in Southeast Asia are provided by Goldenduck

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