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About Cinemagica

Bring magic to your home

AKA cinema is the best venue for watching movie, great sound, great picture in a comfy seat. But as per audience behavioral change and the growth of streamings, “home” is the first choice of watching your favorite films inevitably. Therefore the question is “Is it possible that home will be the best place for watching movie too?”

About Cinemagica

Ultimate entertaining experience at home

As professionals with thorough understanding of studio and cinema, we aim to bring our experience, knowledge of cinema standard to apply at home. In which, we guaranteed that this will allow you and family to enjoy exactly the same experience they have in the real cinema under the name of “Cinemagica”

About Goldenduck

Who’s Goldenduck

GOLDENDUCK GROUP has been known as the leading cinema integrator in Southeast Asia. During the last 20+ years, we have constantly brought and introduced new cinema technologies to improve and expand our services to meet our client's growing demand.

With our growing expertise in audio and visual, GOLDENDUCK GROUP has also broaden our business into ProAV, IP Broadcasting, Exhibition Hall, Conference room, etc. We are proud to be part of their success, and we never stop developing our expertise and services for the future as we aim to be the most trusted partner with our clients