Watching your beloved
films at their best

Only few percentage of Netflix subscribers watch their favorite films at the best quality Today’s technology allows streaming audiences to watch so many movies at their fullest quality like 4K image, High Dynamic Range, and immersive sound, but the ratio of ones who understand and achieve those possible capabilities is still low. Cinemagica enables those spectacular experience for you to enjoy the most Passion of content creator

“The time on screen is miracles. I look at what we accomplished and I am so proud”, Lee said on his “Gemini Man” release in 2019

This’s just one great filmmaker among plenty of them. Quality is the most important and they keep pushing their content at the best plausible image and audio technologies to screen them.


Your time is precious

Cinematic experience is fascinating Moviegoers want to go cinema indeed! Everyone knows how enjoyable it’s, but survey of “Why you missed watching at cinema release” by ShowtimeAnalytic shows that simple reasons like “I was too busy” and “I couldn’t find my convenient showtime” are among the top3, and combining both are 64.5% of all reason! Cinemagica is right at your place so you can enjoy cinematic experience anytime!


Customization for every single room

Room environment is crucial factor for the quality of image and sound Not only dimension, every single room has different characteristic, in order to achieve the best cinematic atmosphere, we have to setup room acoustics appropriately yet have to control the environment like lighting, viewing distance, etc. Cinemagica knows how to setup your place with 20+ year experience in cinema industry. Our engineers are delight and ready to support whenever you need


Control at fingertip

Too many remote controls in your living room There’re so many remote control in our room, and they’re mess up! We can’t find the right one when we want it. Cinemagica gathers all the controls in one single application including picture, audio, and lighting. One single tablet or a mobile is more than enough


Cinemagica way

New Happiness in your home
Everyone knows that watching movie at theatrical release is the best venue to enjoy it most. It’s like magic, and with Cinemagica, we bring this magic to your place!
You can turn your living room to be the best place to deliver cinematic experience whenever you want. With our cinema expertise, we tailored design your room to be equipped with image and audio system. These allow you to be immersed into the film like never before. Witness every single detail of picture, hearing the sound that all the great filmmakers would like to screen them.
Moreover, we make your life much easier by replacing many remote controls with our central control application on iPad.

“We are passionate in defining new possibilities of home entertainment. With our world-class expertise in  cinema, we will transform your room to be a space where you  can enjoy the most spectacular experiences.”